Sailing in Beaufort Square

We had a great day enjoying the sunshine, coffee and naughty Rasberry Tarts in Chepstow today. Annabel invited David Fruin, Hayley Biddle and me to help her promote the Yacht club in Beaufort Square Chepstow.

Look out for the Forest Review on Wednesday, I’m told we’ll be in there. We signed up 11 people for email about possible membership and were asked lot’s of questions like ‘Don’t you need to be rich to be a member of a Yachtclub?’ Our reply was, “Clearly not, look who you’re talking to. Ok some of us are certifiable but few are particularly wealthy, just passionate about sailing!”

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2 Responses to Sailing in Beaufort Square

  1. That certainly brightened Beaufort Square up.

  2. Eric is looking to arrange a repeat event but in the market area at Lydney – volunteers required.

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