Work Party

Just a reminder that the “Really Dirty Weekend” at Lydney Yacht Club is taking
place this weekend Sat 11th and Sunday 12th December. Vehicular access will of necessity be restricted whilst we cut the trench and put the pipes in so if you want
to get a boat in or out please do it on Friday or wait till later. We’ve got our crew
for the pipe jobbie and look forward to seeing the “chosen few” at 09.00 Sat.

Kathy Kilbey 

Rear Commodore



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1 Response to Work Party

  1. Kathy Kilbey says:

    full details and videos of the 10th -11th december Drainage party at
    LYC Rear Commodore’s Notice Board at

    The Notice Board is at present at

    and the password is lycmember all lower case.

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