Meeting re Cafe project

After speaking with a number of people about the plans at the club it has been suggested we ought to have a meeting prior to the EGM in August so that people can air their views and discuss possible alternative designs.
This means that when we meet formally in August everyone will be better prepared to make an informed decision.
To this end, I’m suggesting Saturday evening 23rd July at the club. This is after the Gatcombe cruise.
I know there are people with very strongly held views either for or against any scheme at all but I hope that the atmosphere will be friendly, unemotional and that we will all listen to and respect each others views.

Just to lay any rumours, speculation or otherwise let me make it crystal clear that whilst the Lydney Partnership are sponsoring this scheme and helping us obtain the funding the building will be owned by the Yacht Club. That is the only basis on which we felt able to proceed.

The plans are not set in stone and are intended to promote sensible, contructive, creative discussion.

If you’ve any questions in the meantime then please call me.


About Eric Witheridge

Club Commodore
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