For those with drysuits, or maybe as well leaking waterproofs, I
have discovered a tube of glue called SEAMGRIP available from the LOMO website
AT £9.00 including postage.  According to the Scottish bloke with a sexy voice
from LOMO, 90% of leaks in a drysuit come from seam tapes that have come
unstuck, not the material, so you just dab on seamgrip (it’s a bit like UHU,
remember that?) all down the edges of the seam tapes in the leaky areas, after
drying out your drysuit of course.  Well I did that and the following sail I had
a dry bum for the first time in a while.
The other tip I’ve had is to use
NIKWAX wash in waterproofing stuff, available from Countrywide in Chepstow for
£7.99 which is enough to do about 4 garments.  You use it in a 30 degree wash in
the machine having first cleaned out your soap dispenser.  Again, I’ve got to
check out whether it’s worked but Eric says it’s worked on his leaky

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