Bar Work

Message of Thanks to those that attended Friday .
• Kathy K who arrived first and left last but one (me) for her general help on the woodwork.
• Peter E for assisting in the light switch move – just needs someone now who can operate the instruction)
• John Lyn and Gill who cleaned up the mess behind the bar washed glasses etc. and swept up the scrapings of last week’s painters.
• Martin for Collecting the Bar Cooler from my home in his Berlingo (too big for my car.)
• Paul for helping hump the bar cooler up the stairs and into position (interesting how someone over 6ft 2 can get that low)
• Martin G for serving beer/cider to the deserving (and Phil)
• Anyone I missed
I would also like to pass on my thanks to Alan James (new member with the Black Corramandel) for all the help over the past 5 weeks
who consistently offered and gave help but more important ensured I got the club wife balance almost right (Time to go said Zebedee)


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