Theft at the club

I was appalled this weekend to learn that a new club member has had some large axle stands being used to steady his boat stolen.

I hate to think that anyone may have just ‘borrowed them’ without permission but if that is the case then perhaps they could return them forthwith.

With this in mind, it occurs that a couple of years ago we looked at the possibility of installing cameras at the club looking out over the compound. At the time the committee decided it was too expensive at around £1,000. This would have provided excellent quality video, viewable on the web for both the club and the yard.

I would expect that costs have reduced by now. Does anyone have any thoughts? I believe it would certainly deter casual theft and vandalism to stored boats.


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2 Responses to Theft at the club

  1. Kathy Kilbey says:

    Good idea; why not have a couple of big floodlights that come on with the camera and the whole lot activated by body heat/movement. Increase the boat storage fees slightly to recoup the cost over a year or two.

    • Allan James says:

      Its a good idea to increase the security, use of PIR lights is good as is a CCTV system. One of the biggest issues is that the club is so far from “civilisation” so it would possibly require a direct line to a monitoring station. (not sure about costings for this, but as boat owners have a huge investment sitting there as a potential target I would agree with Kathys’ comment about increasing the fees-spreading this over a large number of owners will reduce the overall costing and may get a reduction in insurance premiums, but that would have to be looked at) The police have crime prevention officers in the area, and it may well be useful to get them in. As it is such a specialist subject if you want me to arrange a Crime Prevention Survey give me a shout. I’ll be around the club with Hedley, in the bar on Saturday!



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