Hello world!

Well Lydney Yacht Club members at least!

During our last committee meeting, it was decided that we’ve got rather bad at keeping you informed of club activities and news using the web site and I can’t remember when the last Signal came out.

Martin Wilson has started a Facebook site for Lydney sailors but not everybody wants to sign in to Facebook with all that entails therefore I thought I’d give this a go.

This is a blog site which is really a ready made and free website which I can restrict so that only you members get it. This means it’s largely safe and secure and a good way of conveying information. If this works then we may incorporate this with the Signal to give you regular updates and general sailing info.

So heres a sample of the sort of thing we can publish and I’d be happy to coordinate entries from club members. Just send them to me in Word format by email or call me on the phone and tell me what you want to say.


Eric Witheridge


About Eric Witheridge

Club Commodore
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27 Responses to Hello world!

  1. Annabel Dance says:

    Hi I think I’m logged on to this.

  2. Susan Pearson says:

    It WORKS!!!!!!

    I am now going to be the second one to use it.

    Can I please remind those who have yet to pay their renewal fee that this is now overdue and I am sending out the reminder letters on Monday.

    Susan Pearson

    Membership Secretary

  3. Richard Fox says:

    Well done committee and Eric in particular: where would we be without you. (Probably still in Watchet!)
    Looking forward to getting the gossip as it happens…………….
    Richard Fox

  4. Kathy Kilbey says:

    Well done Eric and co-respondents (erhmmm, no perhaps not!!!)

    Kathy Kilbey

    LYC member

  5. Kevin Barker says:

    I’m not sure if this is where I say it works but it does. Well done.

  6. Steve Cullis says:

    I’m trying to register – did it work?


  7. luggerman says:

    I think I am logged in now. John

  8. Gill Mellor says:


    Just wanted to thank all those who came along on Friday and enjoyed the January club evening. I enjoyed organising the event but all thanks should go to Paul who did the catering and slaved away all day peeling tatties and neeps!

    The next event will be a flares evening if I can get it arranged in time. An interesting event to show you how to use flares safely, which ones to use and when, and also advise on how to dispose of out of date flares safely.

    I will post here as soon as I have more details

    Gill Mellor
    Social Sec.

  9. Pete Mellersh says:

    Derrrr, what do I do now???

    • Just enjoy the blog Peter 🙂 Just go to the bottom of the page and tick to receive email notification then you should get a regular update.
      Been meaning to call and find out how you are?

  10. Allan James says:


    What a great idea, well done.



  11. Roger Bamford. says:

    Hi everyone. What a good idea and a first for myself. I would like to post an invitation to anyone who is interested in a camping cruising trip to the Republic of Ireland between 20.7.11 and 24.8.11. I will be taking Sea Fever across by Ferry from Fishguard to Rosslare, then tow to the Cobh/Crosshaven area for the National 18 Championships 24th to 29th July, to watch the racing etc, then cruise in the area to the West along the coast, weather permitting. If someone wanted to join me for a few days there are direct ferries to Cork from Pembroke Dock or Swansea. Roger.

  12. Peter Lockwood says:

    Have I entered the 21st century? The 2011 sailing prog. is on the club’s site, names for duties to be added soon. Note the first event is downriver….have your boat ready. Peter

  13. Alan Keef says:

    Maybe I’m just becoming a grouchy old man but this is bad news. It assumes a) that all members have computer/email facilities, b) that we all have the time to spend hours trawling through all this garbage to find out the information that we personally want. It is true that information has been hard to come by of recent years and then often only by inference but does this help? A newsletter or a programme for the year, even if emailed out, would possibly take less time to prepare than this has and would be more readily accessible to all concerned. To cut the jokiness and just provide straight information about what is going on and when would be a good start.

    Sorry, not impressed. Alan Keef

    • Hi Alan,
      I thought I’d already replied to you about this comment but I’m not sure it worked. I’m going to approve the comment because we need a balanced view but let me give my reasoning for doing this.
      Firstly, I’m fed up of being told we don’t keep the membership informed. Frankly, if the membership got off their proverbials and came down the club more often they’d find out. Secondly I’m fed up of cajoling unwilling volunteers into updating web sites or sending out Signals. So I decided to do what I could to address both issues. Hence the blog.
      Other members, equally fed up with the lack of effort and general air of apathy surrounding the bulk of the membership set up a Facebook site called Lydney Sailors. I thought we needed something more formally linked to the club and which could in time be made completely private to members only.
      The cost both in postage and time of preparing a club newsletter to be mailed to everyone when all but 8 members cannot access the web, is prohibitive. Especially when we want to spend the available funds on the club.

  14. Kirsty Abraham says:

    Regular updates are good. Looking forward to reading them.

  15. Kirsty Abraham says:

    a ps to the comment I left before – ticking the boxes below. You can’t do it, I see, without making a comment too.

  16. Mike Woodward says:

    Great idea Eric, thanks for setting it up.

    I made a cock up of subscribing but will have another go later.


  17. Martin Wilson says:

    At last.

  18. Richard & Carol Clammer says:


    This seems like a really good idea, once we get the hang of using it. We hope we’ve managed to log in OK.
    Thanks for putting in the work required to set it up.

    Richard & Carol

  19. Lynn Nash says:

    I have never tried to blog before so I hope this will work, to answer a previous comment John goes down the club most weeks but is still none the wiser as to what is going on.
    I have also just found the email from Susan about work parties and the painting of the loos. I am very pleased to hand this over to someone else but if the wrong paint is used it will negate all those hours that Bill, Dave and I, amongst others spent in painting them. The paints must be lime based to allow the walls to breath. I hope that Dave will remember the recipe better that I do. Lynn

  20. Lynn Nash says:

    It was lovely to see John’s pictures especially the ones taken when I was busy cutting my birthday cake. It brought back memories of a great week,

  21. Lynn Nash says:

    Thank You John

  22. Steve Cullis says:

    To start off then: James Furguson, myself and hopefully a couple of others will be sailing on Saturday 21st Feb. planning on a trip to Newnham and back, launching about 8am. Other dinghy sailors interested feel free to join us. Please note that we have no rescue cover planned so need to be self sufficient.

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